Publicis shows that Migros Online is for everyone

Whether big shoppers, pragmatists or even busy people: Migros Online has the right offer for everyone who wants their favourite products delivered to their home. Publicis is promoting the Migros online supermarket with a digital campaign.

Migros Online offers a whole host of advantages: Ordering is easy, delivery is convenient to your home and the comprehensive range is available anytime and anywhere. These advantages are now being showcased in an online and social media campaign by Publicis Zurich.

In the midst of life

The digital advertising media play with typical life situations and individual shopping habits of the target group - and link these to Migros Online. For example, there is a spot "For those who don't like to carry things", "For those who are constantly on the go", "For those who want to repeat their orders with one click" and also "For those who simply have more important things to do than shop". The favourite products of Migros customers are shown.

One campaign, numerous advertising media

The campaign, which has been on air since September 6, is being played out online and on social media. In addition to a series of different spots and display ads, special digital implementations and print are also being used.

Responsible for Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Désirée Strassmann, Michel Noverraz (Campaigning), Valeria Iten (Media); responsible at Migros Online: Andrea von Kaenel, Melanie Reiterhauser (Marketing Migros Online), Philippe Roch (Media). Responsible for Publicis: Matthias Koller (overall responsibility), Jan Kempter, Cosima Pereira Köster, Yannick Schaller, Désirée Stocker (creation), Cathy Nyffenegger, Daniela Steffen, Philipp Zubler (consulting). Responsible at: Czar Zurich (Film production): Kai Schonrath (director), Jan Bormann (camera), Sandy Blum (production). Sound: Jingle Jungle. Realisation Pre Press/Litho: Prodigious Zurich.

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