Equipe and Smile provide more smiles

Smile launches the insurance industry's first app-based freemium model. With free online purchase protection for all - and new campaign from Equipe.


Until now, insurance companies only helped people once they had paid. The direct insurer Smile now wants to change that and is opening the Smile app to the whole of Switzerland.

Now, non-customers without an immediate need for insurance will also be able to benefit from cooperation and free services for a smart digital lifestyle. All that is now required is to download the app free of charge directly in the App Store or in the Google Play Store can be downloaded.

At the start of the "More Smile for Everyone" campaign, the focus is particularly on the new free online shopping insurance. Smile.shopping protects app users free of charge against damage and loss of their online purchases - directly from the moment the app is loaded onto the mobile device. The faces of the protagonists in the two TV commercials, with emojis to match Smile, are intended to visualize how good this feels in case of doubt.

In addition to the two TV spots and online moving images, the campaign also uses display ads in high-reach environments as well as various social media measures and performance ads including remarketing.

The campaign is now in use along the entire funnel in German- and French-speaking Switzerland.

Responsible at Smile: Pierangelo Campopiano (CEO), Joséphine Chamoulaud (Head Marketing and E-Commerce), Ivana Gonzalez (Digital Marketing Project Manager), Jonathan Barreiro (Lead Business Development), Lucrezia Mazzola (Customer Experience Manager). Responsible agency: Equipe. Film production: Derderler. Media: Equipe.

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