Wirz and Swica are open to everything that keeps you healthy

Wirz and Swica also advocate unconventional methods for a healthy life. The nationwide campaign with TV, OOH and web shows what you can do for your health. In the process, the health insurer shows a lot of insight into human nature and a sense of humour.

Trends around health are popular and a constant theme in advertising. The new campaign from Wirz is no exception. At least when it comes to topics such as nutrition, exercise and mindfulness. The Swica claim "Because health is everything." also makes it possible to go one step further than others in the creation.

Hemp as a modern therapy method

In this way, the films stage in a new way how people keep themselves healthy. The elderly lady plants hemp in the garden in addition to vegetables. The message is to be understood with a wink. Because Swica does not support hemp cultivation, of course, but is constantly testing new therapy methods, which also include the use of cannabis.

Let off steam and dive

In line with the strategy of Wirz and Swica, health and people with their strengths and weaknesses are at the centre of the communication: the overworked office worker who frees himself from stress and displeasure with a loud cry on his hike. And the mother in the thermal bath, who also sometimes dives down to be alone. The spots are meant to touch through simplicity, closeness and directness.

New look with visual and claim

The visuals for OOH and web should also speak a clear, natural language. This is supported by text that is reduced to the claim and the logo. Whether in a hammock, canoeing, doing yoga for the family or eating healthy - Swica is open to everything. Because health is everything.

Responsible at Swica: Michael Schneider (Head of Marketing), Remo Tanner (Head of Marketing Services), Giovanna Oezdemir (Marketing Services Specialist), Helena Gubernale (Head of Online Marketing), Florence Schelling (Online Marketing Specialist), Nadine Müller (Online Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Wirz: Caspar Heuss, Artur Faria, Anna Leudolph, Jannic Mascello, Yannick Schaller, Björn Bippus-Brender, Luigi Vitiello, Lia Bellini (creation); Magdalena Zbiec, Erasmo Palomba (agency production); Catrin Bewersdorff, Manuela Bührer, Jelena Vujcic, Luana Tonoli (consulting); Marleen Diener (Strategy); Andrea Bosshard, Nathalie Reichmuth, Anina Eugster (Production); Thomas Peller, Desirée Guzzo, Eros Montagnani, Oliver Fäs, Karin Gartmann, Angelo Mabellini, Rahel Signer (Media Realisation). Rocket Film, Christopher Novak (film production); Niklas Weise (director); Michael Saxer (director of photography); Marko Strihic (edit); TonTon GmbH, Roman Huber (music); Tonstudios Z, Tom Wenger (sound design/scoring); Felix Wittich (photographer); Julia Waldmann (photo agent).

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