Trivadis launches poster campaign with cryptic doctor's prescription

The Swiss healthcare sector has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to digitalisation. The data specialist Trivadis is now addressing this fact in a nationwide campaign. The core element of the campaign is a poster featuring an oversized, illegible doctor's prescription.

According to Digital Swiss, the level of digitalization in the healthcare sector is just 20 percent. Paperwork is often still the order of the day. So it's not surprising that handwritten, cryptic doctor's prescriptions have long since entered the meme culture.

This is the inspiration for the data specialist Trivadis in its new campaign to promote digitization offerings for the healthcare sector: The core element of the campaign is posters showing an oversized, illegible doctor's handwriting with the question "Paracetamol or Bisacodyl?" - the former a painkiller, the latter a laxative. The solution: "Digitize now and have clarity."

"The healthcare system is 'ailing' in various places. The automation of processes and the intelligent use of data can provide a remedy. In this respect, there is also a 'recipe' for the healthcare sector," says Ivana Leiseder, Head of Marketing & Communications at Trivadis.

The posters will hang in the immediate vicinity of private clinics throughout Switzerland until the beginning of October. The poster campaign is being carried out in collaboration with Microsoft and is accompanied by other cross-media elements.

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