Rebel Communication shows where marine pollution begins for Kyma

The Zurich-based agency Rebel Communication has realized a nationwide mobilization campaign for the marine conservation organization Kyma to combat microplastic pollution of the oceans.

Today it is known that plastic threatens marine life. What few people know, however, is that much of it is invisible: A large part of it is barely visible. Around 1.5 million tons of microplastics enter the oceans every year via wastewater and rivers. Also from Switzerland. The Rhone and Rhine rivers, which both flow into the sea, are heavily polluted with tiny plastic particles. The main sources include car tire wear, cleaning agents and synthetic clothing.

Kyma has launched a petition to demand concrete measures against microplastics from Swiss politicians. Rebel Communication designed and implemented the trilingual multichannel campaign - from advertising to landing page.

The eye-catching key visuals are designed to highlight the fact that microplastics in wastewater pose a direct threat to marine life. The subjects are used as filler ads and social ads for petition promotion, also in animated form.

Those who want to get involved will finally reach the landing page Stop - with background information and the possibility to sign the petition. "After only a short time, over 6,000 people responded to our call. We are more than satisfied," says a delighted Sandra Ludescher, Kyma's campaign manager.

Responsible at Kyma sea conservation & research: Dr. Silvia Frey (Executive Director and Marine Conservation Biologist), Sandra Ludescher (Campaign Manager). Responsible at Rebel Communication: Kris Goricanec (overall responsibility), Guido Huwiler (text / concept), Wanda Michel (art direction / web design), Sina Grass (frontend development), Christian Scherer (visualization).

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