Openroom gives the AOP-IGP products a face

For a subject of the current campaign of AOP-IGP, the Zurich agency Openroom was inspired by Arcimboldo's famous work "Vertumnus" - and created an Apéroplättli version.

AOP-IGP-ProduktenProducts with an AOP ("Appelation d'Origine Protégée") or IGP ("Indication Géographique Protégée") label are traditional Swiss specialities that have a strong link to their region of origin. They have been produced for generations by cheesemakers, bakers, butchers and distillers.

The Openroom team has developed the latest motif for AOP-IGP and lovingly realised it with the Brazilian illustrator Sattu Rodrigues, who according to "Lürzers Archiv" is one of the best 100 artists in the world, using all the products of the quality label.

The creative team at the Zurich agency drew inspiration for the image subject accompanying the product campaign from the famous Renaissance painter Giuseppe Arcimboldo. The work will appear in the national Sunday press until the end of the year and give a face to the country's best products.

Responsible at AOP-IGP: Alain Farine (Director). Responsible at Openroom: Eric Voser (Creative Direction/Strategy), Andreas Konrad (Art Director), John Leuppi (Text), Dagmara Garner (Consultant Social Media Marketing), Sattu Rodrigues (Illustrator), Patricia Matiskei (Int. Production Coordination).

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