Ikea Switzerland and CRK are committed to "marriage for all

Ikea Switzerland says yes to "marriage for all" and launches a national campaign. The change in the law is an important and long overdue step towards equality for homosexual and bisexual couples. CRK developed and implemented the campaign.

On September 26, 2021, the Swiss population will vote on marriage for same-sex couples. Ikea Switzerland is campaigning for a Yes vote at the ballot box. "Ikea is an inclusive company. That's why we support all our employees equally in their right to be themselves. This is deeply rooted in our roots and values," Jessica Anderen, CEO of Ikea Switzerland, was quoted as saying in a statement.


Commitment to LGBT+ rights

The furniture store pursues the goal of offering all its current and future employees a diverse and inclusive workplace where there is no discrimination and where all employees can be themselves. This attitude promotes employee motivation and has a positive impact on the company and society.

The "marriage bed for all

The campaign wants to refer to the voting proposal in a funny and typical Ikea way. It shows the voters that all kinds of couples are already sleeping in Ikea's (marriage) beds. They are beds for everyone, and that in a double sense: on the one hand, everyone can afford an Ikea bed, and on the other hand, it doesn't matter at all who sleeps in it with whom. That's exactly what Ikea's stuffed animals are supposed to show - and thus become ambassadors for marriage for all.

The campaign has been running since Wednesday and will be released nationwide in the form of advertisements, DOOH measures in Zurich and Geneva, online spots and social media.

Responsible at Ikea Switzerland: Manuel Rotzinger (Public Affairs), Dominique Lohm (PR), Aurélien Demaison (Communication), Aurel Hosennen (Communication Manager), Sandra Mühlebach (Integrated Media). Responsible at CRK: Caroline Hulliger (project manager) and Filip Wolfensberger (creation), Moritz Staehelin (creative director), Julian Salinas (photo), Walkingframes Animation Studio (film production).

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