Stories for Swisscom: Civil courage instead of hate on the net

Together with Swisscom, Stories has developed a campaign for more respect online. "Mute the Hate" focuses attention on how to deal with hate on the World Wide Web and specifically aims to raise awareness among Gen Z.

Stories für SwisscomUnfortunately, "hate speech" is a phenomenon that is also becoming increasingly widespread on the Internet. Swisscom is aware of its responsibility as a telecommunications provider and has been committed to promoting media competence and protecting children and young people on the Internet for over 20 years. Under the label "Mute the Hate," conceived by Stories, the aim is to raise awareness and educate for more respect on the Internet.

Nine stories, one statement

The Zurich-based film production company was commissioned to design and realize the media literacy campaign for Swisscom. The communication is deliberately designed to appeal to Generation Z - both visually and in terms of content. Instagram and TikTok addressed the issue. With the aim of focusing attention on an Insta Grid of "Mute the Hate" and to provide skills.

Produced fast, published big

The campaign was implemented in collaboration with Swisscom in a co-creation process: The idea, concept and film came from the Stories house, while the graphic design and appearance at the Energy Air came from Swisscom. The campaign has been running on Instagram and TikTok since the beginning of August and culminated at the Energy Air in Bern.

In front of 40,000 spectators, Swisscom's appearance was all about "Mute the Hate". The opening film produced by Stories celebrated its premiere and Joya Marleen dedicated her hit song "Nightmare" live on stage to the campaign.

Responsible at Stories: Yves Bollag, Tobias Fueter (partners), Patrick Viert, Tanya Ponomareva (idea), Erna Dizdarevic (strategy/concept), Florian Nussbaumer (executive producer), Michele Seligman (production). SoMe Content: Niara Sakho (Director), Jonas Schürmann, Nino Burkhardt, Florentin Erb (Camera/Editor), Yasemin Koyuncu (Editor). Campaign film: Paulus Bruegmann (Director), Moritz Reinhardt (DOP), Caspar Brog (Gaffer), Diego Reinwald (Sound), Emilie Fischer (Styling, Equipment), Niara Sakho (Styling/Production), Erica Büsser (Make-up), Edoardo Moruzzi (Postproduction Supervisor), Anna Oriol (Editor), Delphina Mayer (Color Grading), Studio Z (Sound Design / Mix). Responsible at Swisscom: Daniel Fisler, Laura Reuland, Astrid Graf, Dominik Hauert, Anita Raaflaub, Nathalie Maibach.

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