Sir Mary and Alliance make for a celebrity role reversal

For Allianz Suisse, the two presenters Melanie Winiger and Marco Fritsche each slipped into the other gender for a day. The enabler: a voice distortion device. With this branded content, Sir Mary wants to draw attention to equal opportunities.

Sir Mary und Allianz sorgen für einen prominenten Rollentausch
Melanie Winiger and Marco Fritsche swap roles for once.

50 years after the introduction of women's suffrage, Allianz Suisse would like to know what the situation is with gender equality in everyday life. Does the so-called women's or men's bonus still exist? Are the other sex given more competencies in certain areas?

With the help of voice distortion technology, a recording studio and around three dozen phone calls, Allianz and Sir Mary got to the bottom of this question. The agency found the perfect protagonists in presenters Melanie Winiger and Marco Fritsche, as both like to break with traditional gender roles anyway.

The result is a six-minute mix of entertainment and awareness-raising aimed at making an important part of Allianz Suisse's existing diversity commitment tangible for the online community.

In the experiment, the two compete in various telephone challenges in alternating male or female voices.

Role reversal of a different kind

Driven by the question of how it feels to be perceived as the opposite sex, the protagonists went through three different challenges with a voice distortion device. The tasks were based on common female and male stereotypes in the areas of humor, patience and competence. Among other things, they had to test which gender made the people on the other end of the line laugh faster. The trick: the moderators themselves did not know whether they were conducting the conversation in a male or female voice. In eight out of ten cases, Winiger and Fritsche were unable to determine the reactions to their calls by gender. "It was surprising for me because I had taken one or two preconceived opinions into the experiment," they concluded.

Innovative technology and relaxed narrative form

Filming took place in the heart of Zurich at Jingle Jungle, whose recording studio was quickly converted into a TV studio and equipped with the appropriate technology. Live, minimalist setting, without script and real reactions was the motto. Sir Mary's approach was to present content in an unagitated and documentary-like way.

Nani Nold, Diversity, Inclusive & Work Well Manager at Allianz Suisse sees the advantages in this kind of agenda setting for gender issues: "Even today, gender inequality is still topical and equal opportunities in work and everyday life should be on our agenda. With the experiment, we address the topic in an authentic and entertaining way and raise awareness."

Allianz's commitment to diversity

Allianz Suisse is the main sponsor of the Swiss Diversity Awards. The insurer is also committed to inclusion beyond the diversity campaign. Its diversity projects in the workplace range from its own LGBTIQ+ networks to the inclusion of people with disabilities and career support for female talent. The insurer was even awarded the "Edge Asses" label for its commitment to gender equality.

The Voice Swap movie is streaming now on Instagram and Facebook.

Responsible at Allianz: Thomas Wegmann, Thomas Jost, Rahel Habersaat, Simone Schmitt, Corina Brunner. In charge at Sir Mary's: Florian Beck, Adrian Merz, Julia Fischhaber, Katrin Espelage, Torben Cording, Sabrina Huwiler, Andreas Portmann, Jessica Do Amparo, Nicolas Hostettler, Daniel Zuberbühler. Responsible at Filmgerberei: Maria Brendle (Director), Flavio Gerber (Executive Producer), Marike Löhr (Producer), Silvio Gerber (DP), Luca Zuberbühler (Editor), Urs Westermann (Animation), Unsere Farben (Our Colours), GREAT GARBO (Music), Jingle Jungle (Sounddesign).

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