Schläfle Trittibach sets the scene for V-Locker's velotower

V-Locker has developed a parking tower for bicycles. Schläfle Trittibach implemented the crowdfunding campaign for it.

Schläfle TrittibachThe company V-Locker has developed a parking tower in which bicycles can be conveniently stowed in individual boxes and stored on top of each other with the help of a rotation lift. In addition, the box can also accommodate a helmet, clothing, sports bag or shopping bag. The Velobox at the destination can be booked via an app before departure. The automatic bike tower is also operated via smartphone.

In cities, the topic of densification is omnipresent; free spaces are scarce in urban areas. The issue also affects space-intensive facilities such as parking facilities. With vertical space utilization, the parking tower can accommodate up to 60 bicycles in the space of one car parking space. Expensive earthworks are not necessary, and the tower is also mobile. It can be moved in a maximum of 48 hours - helpful when local situations change.

To ensure that the first bicycle towers will soon be ready, Schläfle Trittibach has been commissioned to develop a crowdfunding campaign. The goal is to install the towers at various train stations. The more parking towers that are installed, the denser the network of secure parking facilities will become.

The campaign can be seen on posters and social networks.

Responsible at V-Locker: Jens Kirchhoff (CEO), Hubert Müller (CMO, Marketing & Sales), Elisabeth Brand (Communication & Sales), Thomas Klosa (CGI Artist Meyer-Hayoz). Responsible at Schläfle Trittibach: Marcel Schläfle, Christoph Trittibach (Creative Direction).

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