Pink provides a quantum more boost in Asics

To promote the Asics Gel-Quantom 180 Sportstyle, Rosarot created a campaign for their new client Montana Sport in close cooperation with influencers. By identifying the values of the influencers and the special focus on authenticity, a successful campaign was launched.

Montana Sport has been supplying the Swiss sports trade with products from the world of sports for over 80 years and is the exclusive importer of the Asics brand in Switzerland. The Zurich agency Rosarot was commissioned to market the new Asics Gel-Quantum 180 Sportstyle shoe. The many special features of the shoe were to be presented to one of Millennials and Gen Z.

Influencer identification by sportiness and style

Maximum authenticity was one of the highest goals in the conception of the influencer campaign. The selection of ambassadors includes nine influencers who have a high level of credibility on the values of "sportiness" and "style". Thus, the more than 365,000 followers were also identified as prospects of Asics. The influencers thus conveyed credible stories and offered their followers the opportunity to experience the Asics Gel-Quantum 180 in action and to buy it at a lower price.

The influencers used all formats of the social media channels and generated a total of 17,191 likes and 625 comments with their content. Via the stories of the influencers, 1,103 users clicked on the link via "swipe-up" and landed directly in the shop of the Montana Sport landing page. Numerous orders were received as a result of the influencers' personal discount codes. Thus, the campaign provided a quantum more boost in sales figures and a quantum more enthusiasm in the target group. 

Responsible at Montana Sport: Sarah Buchmann (Marketing Manager Asics). Vresponsible for pink: Labinot Gashi (Director Digital), Moreno Carroccia (Campaign Management). Responsible at OneLine: Egzon Cekaj, Liliano Tenore, Sami Gashi (Consulting).

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