Marty/Trezzini does prevention work for the community of Küsnacht

The municipality of Küsnacht and the Sunnemetzg leisure centre launch the suicide prevention campaign "Heb der Sorg". Marty/Trezzini is responsible for the implementation of the film project.

Gemeinde Küsnacht

With its activities as a leisure facility and youth centre, the Sunnemetzg forms an important interface for children and young people. The offer ranges from activities and events to help with topics such as violence, sexuality, addiction and health.

In order to address and visually implement the topic of suicide prevention among young people, the municipality of Küsnacht turned to Marty/Trezzini. With the help of the stories of seven young people - mediated by the Sunnemetzg leisure facility - the interview sequences pull a narrative strand through the film in an honest and emotional way. The young people give an insight into their everyday lives, show their favourite places and, with a critical eye on society, tell what needs to be done differently.

The short cinematic insights are supported by illustrations and drawings, inspired by the emotional world of the protagonists.

The film "Heb der Sorg" will be published on the online channels of the municipality of Küsnacht, such as the Instagram channel @jugendtreffkuesnacht.

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