Axa: A mega poster for women's football

Axa has been a partner of the highest league in Swiss women's football since the 2020/2021 season. To kick off the next season, this will now be given a huge advertising space at Zurich Airport for the first time.

Until 10 October, an OOH megaposter of the Axa women's football campaign will adorn the façade of Zurich Airport and greet travellers from all over the world.

According to Axa, it is the first time that an advertising space of this size has been occupied by Swiss women's football. "The league absolutely deserves this much visibility and reach," says Tatjana Haenni, director of women's football at the SFV, about the megaposter.

Believing in oneself plays a central role in top-class sport, which is why Axa wants to use this marketing measure to bring its brand promise "Know You Can" to life and generate more attention for women's football. This measure is supported by megaposters from the international Axa brand campaign, which show a female referee and will be on display at eight high-traffic premium locations in Switzerland during the same period.

Campaign to start the season

To coincide with the start of the new 2021/2022 football season and the kick-off of the Axa Women's Super League in August 2021, Axa also relaunched a nationwide marketing campaign with commercials on TV and in the digital environment. The aim is to encourage women to believe in themselves, even in male-dominated sports. "I think we are only at the beginning of the journey. We have achieved quite a bit but there is always room for improvement. Women's football should receive the same recognition as men's football," says Antonia Lepore, Head of Marketing Communications Axa Switzerland, explaining the commitment.

The centrepiece of the campaign for the start of the season is the 30-second commercial, which emotionally dispels prejudices and positions Axa as a supportive partner of the league. In addition, new video productions featuring AWSL players as well as Axa employees who have a special connection to women's soccer will air on all social media channels.

For even more visibility of women's football in the Swiss media, Axa has also teamed up with Watson in German- and French-speaking Switzerland. The media partnership is intended to generate content-relevant articles around women's football as well as round summaries of all AWSL matches in sports reporting.

Responsible at Axa: Claudia Suter (Head Brand & Advertising), Vera Hager (Advertising Manager), Sandro Singer (Brand Manager), Ilona Fäh (Content Manager), Julia Wunsch, Fathima Ifthikar (Social Media), Levina Kaspar (Video). Creation & Production: Publicis Zurich (creation & production), Hillton (production), Samuel Morris (direction), Pat Aldinger (camera), Mona Bertschinger (producer), Marko Strihic (editor), Marina Starke (grading), Patrice Gerber (visual effects), Gordian Gleiss, Niko Floss (music), Jingle Jungle Tonstudio (sound design), Monami (TikTok productions), INeedContent (social media productions), Raphael Just (photography), Motion (production partner for PrePress), Prodigious Zurich (design and production consulting). Media: Mindshare: Client Service: Christina Schumann, Michael Diehr, Katharina Paulini; TV: Benjamin Korten, Sarangan Nanthakumar; Digital: Rahel Wirth, Lorena Scottoni, Tarek Alfaiech; Campaign Manager: Sojo Nagaroor; Programmatic: Moska Asif; Social: Manuela Twrsnick Wavemaker: Martina Kratt (Client Service Director), Edwina Gescheidle (Head of Operations), Tim Goldschmidt (Digital Director).

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