Doubt and Jung von Matt Limmat have a superhuman sense of chips

In the current umbrella campaign for the chip manufacturer Zweifel, Jung von Matt Limmat shows that true chip experts have a sixth sense for chips.

Thanks to decades of experience, Zweifel's chip experts have an almost superhuman feel for chips. Their eyes, ears and taste buds perceive every last detail and immediately recognize whether the quality of the chips meets the high standards of the Zweifel brand. For example, they can taste which farm the potatoes for the crisps come from and hear even in the greatest noise of colour when a knife of the potato cutting machine has become blunt. The new roof campaign by Zweifel and Jung von Matt Limmat provides these insights into the chip halls.

The campaign runs from the end of August in German and French as TVCs, OOH and DOOH measures - and also teases the next stage of the comprehensive, multi-stage campaign: Zweifel wondered whether the many Zweifel fans also have a sixth sense for chips after years of enjoying them, and launched an online challenge to find out.

Responsible in case of doubt: Gina Chiellino (Marketing Coordinator), Marina Domazet (Digital Media & Content Manager), Pia Gaube (Media & Project Manager), Marc Brändli (Digital Marketing Manager), Philip Honegger (Head of Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Cla Campell (Text), Luca Schneider, Mutasin Grabenhorst (Art Direction), Ian Musgrove (Graphic Design), Florence Scherer, Anne Muhl (Strategy), Melissa Diday, Marcel Walzl (Project Management), Annette Häcki (Executive Creative Director), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt Services: Jlona Kopf, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Chiara Killer (media realisation). Responsible at Mediaschneider: Janine Nussbaumer (Client Service Director), Anna Perez (Senior Consultant). Responsible for TW Media: Christoph Welti (Media Director), Loredana Preite (Media Planner). Responsible for Who's Mcqueen Picture: Kay Kienzler (Director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Clemens Petersson (EP), Karl Sigudarson (Line Producer), Adrian Weber, Kevin Vogel (Post Supervisor). Other external partners: BLOOP. Sound & Music (voice recording & mix); Stefan King (color grading); Mirjam Kluka (photography); Katrin Lohman/Visualeyes International (photo production).

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