Komet implements multilingual vaccination campaign for the canton of Berne

New pandemic phase, new campaign: with the help of Komet and people from the population and experts, the canton of Berne wants to use testimonials to inform the hard-to-reach and often foreign-language-speaking sections of the population and encourage them to vaccinate.

According to the Federal Council, all those willing to be vaccinated in Switzerland should have been vaccinated against Covid-19 by the end of August. But that is nowhere near enough to contain the virus. The canton of Bern now wants to make targeted contact with the undecided and those who have come to Switzerland in recent years. That's why Komet was commissioned to develop a campaign to reach out to those who are hard to reach.

The aim is to address those people who have little knowledge of a national language and who move both online and offline almost exclusively in their diaspora and mostly obtain information from media in their former countries of origin.

To this end, Komet has designed and produced a series of 15-second video ads together with the film production company Maybaum, in which members of the most relevant ethnic groups in the canton tell their compatriots in their own language why they have been vaccinated and that now is the right time to do the same: "Vaccinate? Now!" Or as it is said in Somali, "Tallal? Hadda!" The focus was on reference persons who act as authentic mediators. In addition to the people from the respective reference groups, the cantonal doctor and the cantonal head of vaccination also have their say.

Responsible at the Canton of Berne: Anna Zwierko and Gundekar Giebel (Communication). Responsible at Komet: Jeff Gerber (CD), Lara Klopper/Claudio Parente (AD), Daniel Müller (Text), Mara Stähli (DTP), Corinne Hert (Client Service Director), Christine Gerber/Sascha Schilt (Consulting). Film Production: Maybaum Film, Baden; Nikolas Reigel (director/cinematographer). Media: Mediaschneider Bern.

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