Erdmannpeisker: A new campaign roof for scratch cards

Since this spring, Swisslos has been advertising all scratch cards across all channels under a uniform campaign umbrella. The new campaign was launched with spots and posters for the new "Win for Life Deluxe" lottery ticket, and Erdmannpeisker is now following up with four image spots for various scratch cards.

The new campaign mechanics are based on witty testimonials in which a wide variety of people tell why they like to play scratch cards. The surprising productions are intended to reinforce the positive basic attitude towards lottery tickets and to show the variety of products, which offers the right lottery ticket for everyone.

The eye-catching scratch entry to the films as well as the activating claim "Pack deine Chance" connect the different stories. The look is chosen in such a way that quick recognition is guaranteed, but the individual characters of the lots can still be staged.

The campaigns can be seen prominently on television, in some cases on posters and at Swisslos points of sale.

Responsible at Swisslos Intercantonal National LotteryRolf Kunz (Head of Marketing & Distribution), Markus Fischer (Head of Product Management Lotteries), Anouk Grünert (Head of Product Management Lotteries). Responsible for ErdmannpeiskerGabriel Peisker, Sybille Erdmann (overall responsibility), Patrick Fawer, Jenny Ziörjen (art direction), Torsten Maas (text), Selina Helbling (consulting), Markenfilm Zürich, Florian Studer (producer), Jungle (direction), Zipmedia (media planning).

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