Compresso and Zimmermann provide answers for's autumn campaign focuses on support quality and selected services. The measures were implemented by Compresso and Zimmermann Communications.

Not only did the number of orders received by the e-commerce company increase massively during the Corona period, but so did the questions from consumers.

To show that the team can also provide answers to complex questions, the online retailer launched a film and 13 new posters as part of its autumn campaign. The measures were designed and implemented by Compresso and Zimmermann Communications.

The autumn campaign is complemented by two new short commercials advertising selected services. The measures can be seen on TV and posters as well as in various digital media.

Responsible at Simon Thoma (Head of Marketing), Sandrine Knechtli (Head of Marketing Communications), Franziska Heimberg (Head of Marketing Communications), Michael Otto (Marketing Manager Brand). Responsible at Compresso: Fridolin Stauffacher (overall responsibility), Michelle Müller (project management), Sean Dünki (art direction), Yannick Vogel (graphics). Responsible at Zimmermann Communications: Rolf Zimmermann (Strategy/Art Buying), Christoff Strukamp (Creative Direction), Ramon Alder (Art Direction), Florian Bieniek (Project Management).Responsible at Markenfilm Switzerland: Lars Timmermann (Director), Pierre Castillo Bernard' Enz (Cinematographer). Photo Production: Detail AG, Fabienne Wheeler (Photography). Realisation of posters: Corina Buchelé, Flora Frick (Atelier

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