Havas strengthens Swica's presence in French-speaking Switzerland

Swica splits the communication between two agencies with competences in different markets. Based on its extensive knowledge of the industry and its long-standing collaboration with Swica on national media issues, Havas Switzerland was commissioned to develop a campaign for French-speaking Switzerland.

But do two different advertising campaigns make sense for one country? "Splitting the communication may come as a surprise, but it proved to be the obvious choice after several researches and analyses carried out by Havas Switzerland", explains Michael Schneider, Head of Marketing and Member of the Management Board at Swica. Thanks to its knowledge of the French-speaking market, Havas Switzerland is able to provide Swica with the appropriate tools to make a complete strategic analysis of consumer expectations and media targeting.

Swica has been one of the leading health insurers in Switzerland for several years, offering a wide range of products and services that make its policyholders feel well looked after at all times. The serenity resulting from this security offered by Swica appeals strongly to the Romands, and its communication is aimed at a market already dominated by large, long-established providers.

Target group oriented communication

Havas' campaign is a response to a very real challenge and has a clear objective: to improve the insurer's brand awareness in French-speaking Switzerland and thus strengthen its presence throughout Switzerland. This will be achieved by meeting the expectations of the French-speaking population.

"Based on our studies and the lessons learned, we have developed a specific communication approach for French-speaking Switzerland. This underlines Latin hedonism and the values that the French hold dear: Spontaneity and the desire to be 100 percent oneself in all circumstances," explains Roxane Roullier, Head of Communications at Havas Geneva. From this starting point, a clear link was established between the needs of the French - and their health thinking - and the Swica attitude and the services offered. This unique selling point allowed for extremely interesting opportunities for a global communication campaign during the design phase.

The campaign saw close collaboration between the media and creative teams at Havas Geneva and Zurich. "Thanks to the excellent collaboration between the Swica and Havas teams, we were able to develop a creative solution perfectly adapted to the multiple touchpoints of this campaign, while preserving and highlighting a message intended for the French-speaking population," explains Gabriel Mauron, Creative and Co-Managing Director at Havas Geneva.

Responsible at Swica: Michael Schneider (Head of Marketing, Market Department); Remo Tanner (Head of Marketing Services, Market Department); Helena Gubernale (Head of Online Marketing, Market Department). Responsible at Havas Village Switzerland: Nathalie Diethelm (CEO Village); Sarah Hammami (COO). Media: Adrian van Velsen (Head of Strategy); Peter Stirnemann (Senior Account Director); Jasmin Siahpoush (Digital Account) Director). Creative: Gabriel Mauron (Creative Director - Co-managing director Geneva); Arnaud Gerats (Copywriter); Antoine Karpat (Senior Copywriter); Simeon Brandner (Senior Art Director); Camille Delesalle (Co-managing director Geneva); Roxane Roullier (Head Of Communication); Marion Vossen (Project Manager).

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