Sir Mary launches digital Gen-Z prevention campaign for BFU

Sir Mary shows that prevention work for Generation Z can be done differently with the new campaign for young motorcyclists "Don't Mess It Up". Together with the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU), the agency launched five spots that immerse the target group in whimsical, colorful and exciting worlds via social media.

Young people between the ages of 15 and 18 have a particularly high risk of accidents on a motorcycle. They lack experience and routine, behave more riskily and impulsively at this age and quickly overestimate themselves.

In order to sensitize the target group to the dangers of riding a motorcycle, Sir Mary is launching the new prevention campaign "Don't Mess It Up" in cooperation with the BFU. In the five spots created, whimsical storylines and stylized imagery make it clear that prevention work for Gen Z can be done differently.

"Don't Mess It Up" is the first time the BFU has targeted a campaign purely at such a young demographic. "It was clear to us that we had to break new ground in order to reach young people. To pursue these goals, we have the best possible partner on our side in Sir Mary," explains Claudia Bucher, campaign manager at BFU. "Together with the agency, we developed the campaign concept directly with a peer group of young people. Again and again, we involved them and asked how we could best reach them and whether they understood our messages," Bucher continues.

At the center is a diverse cast that charmingly conveys the prevention messages in a whimsical setting. A "digital-only mindset" was followed in the implementation. Thus, the short and concise spots will be seen on Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. Classic channels such as billboards or TV will be dispensed with altogether in the content-driven campaign. "From the very beginning, it was clear that we wanted to reach the target group where they are and feel comfortable. To do this, we developed content that appeals directly to Gen Z with the help of fast cuts, sound effects, and exaggerated zoom-ins, and provides a humorous approach to the prevention messages. We deliberately avoided serious and cautionary storylines, because digital natives simply swipe them away," explains Daniel Zuberbühler, co-founder of Sir Mary.

Further measures are to be added in the coming weeks. Sweepstakes will be held to encourage young people to enter the more intensively with the important messages. The national campaign, which will be broadcast in German, French and Italian, is scheduled to run for three years. It will be evaluated and further developed on an ongoing basis.

Responsible at BFU: Jürg Beutler, Claudia Bucher, Christoph Jöhr, Peter Matthys. Responsible at Sir Mary: Florian Beck, Andi Portmann, Adrian Merz, Florian Birkner, Tobias Röben, Lukas Wietlisbach, Torben Cording, Julia Fischhaber, Annika Schmid, Jeannine Buscher, Naemi Sauter, Fabian Habisreutinger, Katharina Günther, Kevin Schälchlin, Tino Elsener, Alexia Siegwart, Nicolas Hostettler, Türi Cengiz, Maurice Ziegler, Daniel Zuberbühler. Illustrations: Christina Baeriswyl. Responsible at Dynamic Frame (film production): Luzius Fischer (Executive Producer), Flo Brunner (Producer, Farbfilm), Tillo Spreng (Director), Tobias Kubli (DOP), Gabi Morales (Production Design), Jero Fähndrich (Edit), Ben Packer (Grading), Modulaw (Music Composition) Stereotyp (Sound Studio & Soundmix); Stunts - 1291 Productions: Oliver Keller (Stunt Coordinator), Sascha Dürr (Stuntman), Denise Treffler (Stuntwoman).

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