Erdmannpeisker positions Swiss rapeseed oil as "the perfect match

In the current image campaign for Swiss rapeseed oil, Erdmannpeisker and Campfire show that the oil is a "perfect match" in many respects.

ErdmannpeiskerSwiss rapeseed oil fits many applications in the kitchen, but also the values and lifestyle of more and more cooks in Switzerland. This is because the oil is versatile, provides a high level of well-being and sustainably supports the Swiss soil and economy. Therefore, rapeseed oil is actually always the best choice.

Eerdmannpeisker stages this match in the new image campaign for Swiss canola oil. In the vignette spots, the target group is shown with its needs and values - and with a swipe to the left, the "Perfect Match" with Swiss rapeseed oil is surprisingly staged. This typical online feature is intended to attract additional attention on TV. Finally, the new claim "Swiss rapeseed oil. Good for everyone.

Under the title "Time for an oil change", a flyer briefly and informatively presents the seven most important reasons in favor of rapeseed oil. The flyer serves as in-depth information about Swiss rapeseed oil for interested parties.

All advantages digital at a glance

The advantages of Swiss rapeseed oil also form the core of the new website. As part of the relaunch, the Biel-based agency Campfire designed and developed a digital platform that focuses on user questions and makes interesting facts about Swiss rapeseed oil easily accessible.

In addition to clear and simple information transfer and a high added value for the website visitors, naturalness and inspiration were the focus of the UX and visual design. At the same time, the website should reflect the brand values of the Swiss Rapeseed Oil Association and meet the demands of the users.

In addition, the campaign is supported and supplemented with various online advertising media.

Responsible for Swiss rapeseed oil: Stephan Scheuner (Director Swiss Granum), Angela Scalese (Marketing & Communication). Responsible at ErdmannpeiskerGabriel Peisker (Creative Direction), Patrick Fawer, Jenny Ziörjen (Art Direction), Laura Fässler (Motion Design), Urs Zwyssig (Text) Sybille Erdmann, Selina Helbling (Consulting), Uli Scheper, Joel Scheidegger (Brand Film, Film Production), Lukas Wälli (Direction), Christian Grund (Photo), Felix Schregenberger (Image Editing). Responsible at Campfire (website): Damian Kunz, Michèle Bash (Consulting), Dirk Unger (UX Design), Daniel Vasile (Frontend Development), Thomas Wüthrich (Backend Development), Vedat Demiri (Content Filling & Testing). Media: ASM Media.

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