Alliance and Sir Mary launch Confidence movement

Under the claim "Behind you for what's ahead", Allianz motivates people worldwide to go through life with courage and self-confidence. For the new digital activation, Sir Mary teamed up with various athletes who share their personal successes and failures in moving content pieces - and who helped them gain more self-confidence along the way.

The global insurance group has long been committed to giving people the courage to face whatever comes their way: Its commitment ranges from activities for more inclusion and diversity in the workplace to support for the new Formula E and long-term sponsorships of athletes from various disciplines and countries. The idea behind it: Successful people always have someone standing behind them, giving them confidence and self-assurance for everything they tackle.

"Who sparks your confidence? - or "Who has your back?" - Allianz is now asking athletes and spectators in its new campaign, which was first seen during the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games. As far as the creation for this is concerned, the long-standing Swiss budget holder Sir Mary is behind Allianz. The goal was not a classic campaign, but a digital activation that constantly offers new points of connection. With the construction kit, the markets can regionalize the concept as needed.

#sparkconfidence: Activation with top athletes

Three short documentaries about athletes who have been sponsored by Allianz for several years will kick off the series: Cate Campbell, Australian swimmer with five Olympic medals, Matt Stutzman, American para-archer and silver medalist, and Clarisse Agbegnenou, French judoka and five-time world champion, talk about their setbacks, encouragement and victories in very personal moments.

This will be followed by other countries with interviews and films about the personal careers of exciting personalities, employees and athletes - first and foremost Leroy Sané, Thomas Müller and Robert Lewandowski from FC Bayern Munich. The activations of the individual markets converge under the hashtag #sparkconfidence.

In charge at Sir Mary's: Florian Beck, Andi Portmann, Adrian Merz, Constantin Camesasca, Peter Stephen Blass, Paul Gutjahr, Nicolas Hostettler, Alexia Siegwart, Katharina Günther, Jennifer Meier, Britta Hartleb, Jacqueline Willimann, Daniel Zuberbühler. Film Production: doity, Exec Producer: Sascha Pollack, Producer: Therese Scholz, Kathi Kümmel, Director: Jason Evans, DP: Andrew Gough, Julien Teissier, Sam Cutler-Kreutz, Music: James Smith, Moritz Staub, Sounddesign: Moritz Staub, Editor: Andrej Gontcharov, Production FC Bayern Content: Mediamonks

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