Ruf Lanz for Hiltl & DCM: The roots of vegi cuisine

Hiltl is a partner of the Swiss film event "Monte Verità," which will be launched in cinemas throughout Switzerland on August 26, 2021, by film distributor DCM. The campaign for the partnership comes from Ruf Lanz.

"Monte Verità - Der Rausch der Freiheit" is a historical drama. The Swiss-German-Austrian film production by Stefan Jäger around the themes of freedom, self-determination, emancipation and vegetarian food is set in 1906, but could just as easily be set in the present day.

The focus is on the young mother Hanna, who wants nothing more than to break out of her bourgeois role and the social corset. Faced with a difficult decision, she finds her own voice amidst the idyllic nature of Ticino and in courageous devotion to her art.

The story of the Hiltl family business began in 1898, just eight years before the film's plot, and has many thematic parallels. In the early days, the road for Hiltl was as rocky as that for the dropouts on Monte Verità. At that time, the restaurant was called a "root bunker," the guests "grass-eaters. The fact that the first reformers on the mountain in Ascona ate a vegetarian diet and lived a close-to-nature lifestyle makes this cooperation between DCM and Hiltl particularly fitting.

The partnership is accompanied by a campaign by Ruf Lanz, which pointedly stages historical and thematic similarities.

The eye-catching motifs can be seen online and offline on various channels, including cinema slides, posters, screens, postcards and social networks.

Responsible at Hiltl: Rolf Hiltl (overall responsibility), Patrick Becker (Head of Marketing & Communications), Milo Stegmann (Deputy Head of Marketing). Responsible at DCM: Stephanie Candinas (Overall Responsibility/Managing Director), Marco Schärer (Project Management/Marketing & Communications Manager). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Isabelle Hauser (Art Direction), Markus Ruf (Text) Armin Arnold (DTP), Miro Poffa, Stefan Schmid (Consulting). Image Editing & Postproduction: Lorenz Wahl.

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