Kind regards for Lucerne Festival: Music creates sustainability

Lucerne Festival launches a new project for the future under the name #MusiciansForFuture. To kick it off, Kind Regards is driving a comprehensive campaign under the motto "Music creates sustainability".

For over 20 years, Lucerne Festival has been committed to the issue of sustainability. Now the festival is expanding its activities further and launching the "Musicians for Future" initiative together with Zurich Insurance, which focuses on commitment to a better future. The communication idea developed by Freundliche Grüsse for this: Music is sustainable per se. Classical music consumes nothing in production, instruments last a long time, and music lasts forever.

This idea is brought to life with various measures. First of all, young, committed musicians have their say: Igor Levit, Patricia Kopatchinskaja, Reto Bieri and Johanna Malangré. In short spots, the artists are filmed playing their instruments and shown how this creates sustainability. On the website, they also share their ideas for a better future. The agency Monami is responsible for the implementation of the film, content and social media productions.

The "Musicians for Future" initiative is creating a buzz with panel discussions during the summer festival, a social media campaign lasting several weeks, and its own Website attention to the topic. The aim is to stimulate a discussion on the subject of sustainability. The aim is to inspire and motivate each individual to make a contribution to a better future.

Responsible at Lucerne Festival: Michael Haefliger (artistic director), Marianna Rossi, Luca Gnos (sponsoring), Bettina Jaggi (marketing). Responsible at Zurich: Anja Kaltbrunner (Sponsoring & Live Marketing Zurich Switzerland), Danielle Spielmann (Brand Strategy & Development Zurich Group), Manuela Carl (Content & Social Media Zurich Switzerland). Responsible at Monami: David Cappellini (overall responsibility), Lorella Liuzzo (project management), Andrei Vid (design), Blackframe Productions (video production). Responsible at Friendly regards: Pascal Deville, Samuel Textor (overall responsibility), Andrea Aegerter (consulting), Christian Stüdi, Morris Lötscher (text/concept), Mara Schwegler (art direction).

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