Wunderman Thompson assembles the rubber tie for Geberit

The Zurich agency Wunderman Thompson launches a motivating campaign for the first Geberit shower toilet for self-assembly.

Geberit AquaClean stands for high-quality shower toilets that clean the bottom with water. The latest product is called Cama and can be installed on any existing toilet. Without any tools at all.

Wunderman Thompson's campaign shows how easy it is to assemble using encouraging analogies from everyday life. For the individual steps, you only need to do things that you already know how to do. For example, if you can put a letter in the letterbox, you can also thread the shower hose between the WC ceramic and the toilet seat - and thus install a shower toilet yourself.

The videos are used online and on social media and are supplemented by display ads and advertisements. All advertising media lead to the landing page, where there is in-depth information about the new product as well as a simple how-to video.

Responsible at Geberit AquaClean:Dr. Margit Harsch (Head Geberit AquaClean), Susanne Wyss (Marketing Campaign Manager), Selina Della Rossa (Content Manager).Responsible at Wunderman Thompson:Michael Gallmann (Art Direction), Julia Staub (Text), Dimitri Pfeifer (Graphics), Ayleen Friedrich (Graphics), Samuel Wicki (ECD), Stephan Lanz, Anita Roll (Consulting), An Le (DTP), Marlon Perini (Programming).Film Production:Eqal Visual Productions, Fabian Weber (Director).

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