Metzger Rottmann Bürge turns the Titlis into a space camp

This summer, the Titlis mountain station will be the starting point for varied and exciting experiences by day and night. MRB is promoting the action digitally as part of the "This is It" campaign.

This summer, the Titlis Bergbahnen and MRB are turning the Titlis into a space camp. Because at over 3020 metres everything feels a little more intense and there are ideal conditions for a spectacular view far over the horizon into the distant universe. The exclusive night under the stars in the futuristic Ecocapsule is already fully booked until further notice. The entire summer offer is being advertised as part of the "This is it" communication with a digital campaign and

Responsible at Titlis Bergbahnen:Urs Egli (Head of Marketing), Peter Niederberger (Sales Manager Overseas). Responsible at Metzger Rottmann Bürge:Cyrill Wirz, Frederick Rossmann (creation), Giacomo Wyss (image editing), Silvan Metzger, Bettina Righetto (consulting), Carol Hämmig (digital campaign), Go4Web (website programming).

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