Wunderman Thompson makes a hockey field drinkable

Schützengarten brews a special beer from the ice hockey field of the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers and challenges the Stanley Cup winner Tampa Bay Lightning and their sponsor Coors to a beer challenge. The agency Wunderman Thompson Switzerland is behind the "beer idea".

Since the beginning of the year, the brewery has been working on its latest and probably most unusual beer: for this purpose, Brauerei Schützengarten is transforming the real playing field ice of the SC Rapperswil-Jona Lakers, which they sponsor, into a speciality beer limited to 500 litres.

Because almost all games of the actually successful season had to be played without an audience, the club wants to give something special back to its loyal fans: The exclusive and unique beer is to launch the 2021/22 season positively.

The idea came from Wunderman Thompson Switzerland and was developed together with the Lakers and Schützengarten at the end of 2020. The rather unexpected, but gladly accepted advance of the Lakers to the semi-finals then caused slight delays. Nonetheless, the ice machine scraped the ice right after the team was eliminated from the playoff semifinals in April. The resulting water was filtered several times by the Swiss water purification company Evodrop and thoroughly tested by the cantonal food inspectorate.

After the officially certified okay on July 12, brewing is now underway so that Schützengarten's red ale-style beer will be ready on schedule for the start of the 21/22 season.

In mid-July, Molson Coors Beverage, the beer sponsor of the Tampa Bay Lightning, also released a beer with water from a hockey field. And this only a few days after the Tampa Bay Lightning had won the Stanley Cup. The fact that the same idea was implemented more quickly is taken calmly in Switzerland. Because a beer brewed in just a few days can only be a light beer, says Wunderman Thompson.

Because quality is valued over speed in Switzerland, Coors and the Lightning were invited via social media to a beertasting: As soon as the Schützengarten beer is brewed, they want to taste each other's beer together. The action will be conducted by a beer tasting specialist and streamed live. So that the best beer from a hockey field wins. Because enjoyment trumps speed.

Responsible for Lakers Sport: Michael Bart (Head of Sales & Marketing); Responsible at Brauerei Schützengarten AG: Kurt Moor (Sales Director), Roger Tanner (Head of Marketing & Services), Nadin Buschor (Marketing & Communications).Responsible at Wunderman ThompsonSandro Tschuor (consulting), Dany Boletas, Cedric Fuchs, Tobias Röben, Kevin Zysset, Samuel Wicki, Swen Morath (creation).Responsible at Shining Film:Sirah Nying, Matthias Lahoda (documentation), Leonardo Sanfilippo (supervision).

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