SBB and Farner call for the Craftsmen's Challenge

Who are the most passionate craftspeople in Switzerland? A new challenge from Farner aims to find the answer - and to make SBB the biggest craft company in Switzerland.

Anyone who transports 840,000 people every day and operates 33,000 signals, 13,000 points and 3,000 kilometers of rail network also needs network electricians, electrical fitters, telematics specialists - and many other skilled tradespeople. But tradespeople are often not even aware that these jobs exist at SBB.

To change this, Farner launched a craftsmen's challenge as part of an employer branding campaign that showcases the wide range of skilled trades at SBB to the public.

200 candidates in the reality format

The call for participation in the Challenge was made via 20 minuteswhich was won over as a cooperation partner. "Of course, with a reality format there is always a certain amount of uncertainty as to how well it will be received. More than 200 candidates signed up, around a third of them women. Our expectations were far exceeded," says Marisa Columberg from SBB's HR Marketing, who is impressed by the high level of interest.

The participants now compete against each other in various challenges and occupational fields - accompanied by a film team, a moderator and SBB experts. Tasks such as maneuvering vehicles weighing tons with millimeter precision, keeping their bearings in huge factory halls, welding, separating tracks or working with state-of-the-art technologies in wind and weather demanded everything from the candidates.

The best and most impressive moments of the SBB Handwerk*innen-Challenge will be presented from the end of August in a six-part web series on the channels of 20 minutes and the SBB can be seen.

Responsible at SBB: Corinne Kuhn, Marisa Columberg, Philippe Hasler, Barbara Rheder, Oliver Perren, Nicole Kammerer, Erika Ingold. Responsible at Farner: Philipp Skrabal, Jill-Nadine Reuvener, Jonas Brändli, Ennio Cadau, Martin Fuchs, Bruce Roberts, Mathias Kröbl, Flavio Dal Din, Nicolas Glauser. Responsible at Atem collective: Mirjam Fröhlich, Lukas Fröhlich (Director), Lukas Fröhlich, Sebastian Klinger (DOP), Jonathan C. Meier (Music), Our Colors (Colorist). Responsible at 20 minutes: Severin Schenk.

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