MRB: "Keep it calm and beautiful" in Flims

Metzer Rottmann Bürge has launched a platform for films to raise awareness of the need to treat nature with respect.

Flims is not only a popular excursion destination, but also home to rare plants and endangered animal species that require special protection. To ensure that natural beauties such as the unique Rhine Gorge or the UNESCO World Heritage Site Sardona are preserved for future generations, everyone must share responsibility and care. Flims has therefore long been committed to a mindful approach to nature.

This is now also reflected in the awareness campaign developed jointly with MRB. With a variety of measures, it closes the gap between "environmental awareness" and "environmentally conscious action" without appearing cautionary. The platform is constantly being expanded and already shows itself in many facets - on the campaign hub, in social media channels, which are used exclusively in the vicinity of the natural beauties through geo-targeting, on street posters and in various ambient measures on site. Further OOH measures as well as social and display ads provide additional reach in the Unterland region.

Responsible at Flims Laax Falera Management AG:André Gisler (Tourism Director), Sandra Kirtz (Marketing/Project Management), Jascha Schmid (Product Management).Responsible at Metzger Rottmann Bürge:Christoph Bürge (strategy), Bettina Klossner, Cyrill Wirz (creation), Celina Sprenger, Silvan Metzger (consulting), Carol Hämmig (digital), Bruno Breitenmoser (production), Ingo Rasp (photography/destination image).

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