Partner & Partner implements awareness campaign without media budget for SKP

Zero media budget was the requirement for the cybersecurity awareness campaign, supported by the SKP, the NCSC, the "eBanking - but secure!" platform from the HSLU, the iBarry platform from SISA and the cantonal and municipal police corps. Partner & Partner achieved a reach of ten million even without spending a single franc on media.

The commitment of the broad commissioning body, consisting of the Swiss Crime Prevention (SKP), the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the "eBanking - but secure!" platform of the Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts (HSLU), the iBarry internet security platform of the Swiss Internet Security Alliance (SISA), and the cantonal and municipal police corps, has played a role in the success of the Zero Media Budget campaign: The organizations were able to mobilize themselves, their partners, and their customers to promote the campaign on their own channels. However, the majority of this partner activity was not included in the impact measurement. It is unclear how many hundreds of thousands of contacts in additional reach this ultimately accounted for.

Complex setup

The complexity and orchestration of the campaign and the partners was also a challenge. "On the one hand, of course, we worked out a great many different formats and provided them ready to go. On the other hand, we had to ensure that these advertising materials followed the planned dramatic structure - and could be used as self-referentially as possible," explains Denise Nick, the responsible consultant at Partner & Partner.

The timing was extremely tight, with four months between contract award and delivery to all partners, channels and media. And not only a range of different formats for various online and offline channels with five different subjects - both animated and static - had to be created and delivered in a self-explanatory way. But also a website, an announcement website, various short films, five expert videos, an online self-test, two media releases with a dozen available and briefed experts and four different webinars including invitation management and post-production. In four languages each.

Concentration on the essentials

According to Partner & Partner, it is also a challenge conceptually not to be able to rely on a lavish media budget. The message has to be particularly simple and memorable so that it sticks immediately. And it has to be interesting enough to be picked up by the media. We succeeded in both: More than 50 percent of the website hits were "direct" and only 3 percent were via organic search. This means that visitors were able to remember the link provided - which they had heard, seen or read about in the media, for example. During the campaign week, the focus was on one topic each day. Each theme was assigned a letter which, in combination with the others, made up the word S-u-p-e-r - secure, update, check, log in, reduce.

Reach in the millions

The campaign's media releases were picked up in over 80 titles and poured in strongly, with a reach of well over eight million. "We might have hoped for something on this scale - but we didn't seriously expect it," says Beatrice Kübli, SKP's project manager, with satisfaction. "We'll certainly leave the website online for a while now and continue to make the webinars held available."

Content is and remains the boss

Attention had to be drawn to a complex topic such as cyber security, but without scaremongering. The website visitors had to be able to be inspired quickly and easily, which is why many involving and easy-to-consume formats were available: Tips and links, videos, a self-test and webinars. Because even the greatest attention is of no use if the target group does not make anything of it. And the target group - in this case as large a part of the Swiss population as possible - should build up knowledge about the topic of cyber security and gain the ability to act.

Because of this lush content, the average time spent on the site was actually over two minutes, with an average of over two pages viewed and shared multiple times daily on social media.

Responsible at SKP: Beatrice Kübli. Responsible at Partner & Partner: Denise Nick (consulting), Hanna Meier, Franziska Horber (project management), Sarah Pally, Michelle Honegger (media relations), Matthias Ziegler (text), Lea Züllig (graphic design).

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