Marty/Trezzini and Liah make life easier

Marty/Trezzini's new content strategy for Swiss furniture manufacturer Liah Design is designed to inspire people to get back to the essence of life.

The claim "Light Hearted Living" is not only intended to represent the philosophy of Liah Design, but is also reflected in the diverse range of products offered by the furniture manufacturer. The focus is on flexible and changeable furnishings with weightless lightness. Because rooms lose their functional allocation, Liah Design understands the living space, the terrace as well as the garden as a symbiosis that can be combined again and again.

To market Liah Design's new furniture collection, the Zurich agency Marty/Trezzini was commissioned to launch an integrated content campaign. The result can be understood as a kind of "sign of the times". Because after an intense year marked by uncertainty and monotony, society seems to be slowly moving back towards normality.

This is exactly where Marty/Trezzini's content concept comes in: "From the beginning, the goal of the content strategy for Liah was to present the diverse furniture range in a lively and original way in order to stand out from other furniture stores in terms of marketing. Above all, we tried to reflect this lightness, which Liah products stand for at their core, also in the storytelling and by means of the content style. Due to the current global situation, we feel an increasing need for more joie de vivre, more looseness. This is precisely the feeling we want to convey together with Liah," writes Marty/Trezzini in a statement.

The result was "The Art of Living", a holistic content campaign consisting of a short film, various content snacks and a new visual world. Using storytelling, charm and a touch of humour, Liah Design's new content strategy aims to represent the lightness of being.

The content will be featured on all Liah Design digital channels and social media with immediate effect.

Responsible at Liah Design: Nicolas Müller (Marketing). Responsible at Marty/Trezzini (Strategy & Production): Yves Marty (project management & direction), Nino Michel (camera), Gianluca Trezzini (photography), Raphael Schulze-Schilddorf (1st AC), Oliver Muff (lighting), Alix Gerber (art direction), Rominia Häner, Leon Frielingsdorf, Natalie Fitzgerald (set design).

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