Orell Füssli is on the road with Swiss authors

Switzerland has many beautiful sides - both in terms of nature and literature. That is why Orell Füssli is visiting four Swiss authors' favorite places. The trip is recorded in videos as part of the "Side by Side" summer campaign.

"With the summer campaign, we want to bring our customers closer to beautiful places in Switzerland, but also introduce them to well-known Swiss authors from a previously unknown, personal side. Moving pictures are ideal for this purpose, as last year's summer campaign "Swiss Book Tour" had already shown. Through the narratives in the videos, the authors' favorite places become destinations for excursions that bring reading to life. That's why we are also implementing a video campaign this year with a focus on social media," explains Christine Roth, Head of Marketing & Communications at Orell Füssli Thalia.

Side by side with four Swiss authors

The summer campaign kicks off with the journalist and hiker Thomas Widmer. After various hiking books, he recently published the book "Mein Wortschatz" (My Vocabulary). In it, he collects bizarre dialect expressions that he picked up on his hikes throughout Switzerland.

In the second stage, Orell Füssli meets Arno Camenisch in his adopted home of Biel. He also talks about village life in Graubünden, wanderlust, walks along the "Räbeweg" from Biel to Cannes for an aperitif and, of course, his books.

In the third episode, Orell Füssli visits cookbook author Nadja Zimmermann at her home in Zurich on Hönggerberg, where she shows a different view of the Limmat city. Zimmermann goes on to tell how preparing dinner every day can be transformed from a tedious chore into a relaxed way to start the evening. The matching vegetarian recipes - as well as music tips for cooking - can be found in her book "Loumalou - relaxed, musical, vegetarian," which will be published at the end of August.

The final event will be a trip to Ticino with crime writer Sandra Hughes. She takes Orell Füssli to locations where police officer Emma Tschopp, the protagonist of her crime novels, was on duty. In the process, Hughes tells us what fascinates her so much about the scenery of Italian-speaking Switzerland.

The videos appear online on Orellfuessli.ch/seiteaneite as well as on the company's social media channels.

Responsible for Orell Füssli Thalia: Christine Roth (Head of Marketing & Communication); Marco Imholz (Idea, Coordination & Project Management). Content Creation: Saturday & Sunday. Public Relations: Flowcube Communications.

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