Serviceplan Suisse and Mini invite you to the Mini "Big Love" bus

With creativity, joie de vivre and a big eye-catcher, Mini Switzerland and Serviceplan Suisse are making Mini dealers the "place to be" this summer.

In order to spread Mini's new positioning "Big love - we are all different but pretty good together" in Switzerland, Serviceplan Suisse created a concept for dealer events with attractive set-ups for outdoor and indoor activities as well as the associated communication measures.

The "Swinging Sixties" concept was created in close collaboration with Mini Switzerland and as a tribute to the brand's history. Mini partners can use it either for a test drive event or for a customer loyalty event. The heart of the concept is a British double-decker bus, which was strikingly branded and redesigned both outside and inside in collaboration with the Studler event agency.

The mobile advertising medium has various highlights: from the colourful #BigLove photo wall, with which Mini fans can spread their affection for the brand on social media, to the mobile DJ booth and the guest book for emotional customer loyalty. Or from the stylish furnishing in retro/vintage look to the screen showing current Mini films as well as heritage clips, the Mini photo gallery and the counter for casual networking to the support by hostesses in sixties style.

The "Big Love" bus will be cruising through Switzerland throughout the summer of 2021, stopping at prominent locations such as the Kornhausbrücke in Bern and inviting people to dance, chat, snack, talk shop and, of course, test drive, depending on the dealer's preference.

Responsible at Mini Switzerland: Adrian Kwasnitza (Head Marketing Mini), Alessia Pezzini (Events & Sponsoring Mini). Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse: Tizian Lienhard (art direction), Jan Krohn (text), Livia Küpfert (consulting), Michael Kathe (creative direction), Marcin Baba (executive creative direction), Pam Hügli, Raul Serrat (overall responsibility); Vizeum (media agency).

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