Monami makes the Limmat-Böötlen a safe pleasure

With a short film, Monami for EKZ and Ewz, in collaboration with the town of Dietikon, the Zurich cantonal police, the Zurich municipal police, the BFU and the SLRG, draws attention to the rules of conduct on the Limmat - so that the boat trip is a safe pleasure.

Summer, water, rubber boats: on nice weekends, the Limmat is always full of hobby captains. To ensure that they can enjoy their excursion safely, the FCA and the Ewz are publishing a short film that reminds them of the tried-and-tested rules and tips.

Because boating is not without its dangers. Every year, an average of five people drown on Swiss lakes and rivers. Especially at the Hönggerwehr, life-threatening situations occur time and again. Only eight percent of boeotlers wear a life jacket - even though it would be obligatory.

Monami therefore refreshes the knowledge of the booters and gives concrete tips. For example, that boats should not be tied together. Or where the suitable exits are from Europabrücke to Glanzenberg - including the last possibility Nötzliwiese. An informative and entertaining clip has been produced in collaboration with the town of Dietikon, the Zurich Cantonal Police, the Zurich Municipal Police, the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU) and the Swiss Lifesaving Society (SLRG). The short film educates the captains without raising an admonishing finger. After all, boating should be one thing above all: a safe pleasure.

The short film will be published immediately on the social media pages of the participating partners.

Responsible at Monami: Andrei Vid and Nathalie Krebser (concept), Eric Lucombo (project management), Tim Schaerer (design), David Cappellini (overall responsibility). Video: Black Frame Studios.

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