Samsung and Sir Mary promise an epic life in "Epic Mode"

Samsung and Sir Mary are launching a smartphone edition that will make the lifestyle of its owners epic for a year: the Galaxy S21 in "Epic Mode" with twelve pre-installed apps, services and special features worth CHF 25,000.

The Samsung Galaxy S21 in "Epic Mode" promises more than great photos, long battery life and fast processors: It comes with a digital car key for your own electric car, bulging Samsung Pay credit card, Airbnb holiday credit, selfie-to-oilpainting service, an exclusive Izzy helpline, all streaming accounts and many other "epic" features worth a total of CHF 25,000.

"The 'Epic Mode' is like a 'cheat code' for real life," explains Nicolas Hostettler of Sir Mary. "It takes the technical capabilities of the Galaxy S21 and fills them with the epic lifestyle." With an equally epic campaign, Samsung wants to ensure that the winners can enjoy and celebrate the luxurious life for a year.

An epic promotion can't be without an epic activation film. The 50-second film, produced by Doity Hamburg and directed by Lars Timmermann, is designed to arouse desire and takes viewers on a crazy journey: A talking cat on a piece of toast in outer space becomes the showmaster and leads through some of the "Epic Mode" features with a k(r)atziger voice, while a visual post-production firework blasts the synapses.

"We are delighted to have been able to produce fun, innovative content for the Galaxy S21 as part of the campaign. And to offer our target audience the chance to have such a unique experience. We are already very excited about the epic participation numbers," says Toni Koller, Head of Marketing IM Switzerland/Austria at Samsung Electronics.

The campaign, including an activation film, various short versions and display ads, will be played out on all popular social channels from TikTok to Spotify. The two creators Joung Gustav and Noelia are also to ensure even more buzz among the young target group. The competition on runs until August 10, 2021.

Responsible at Samsung: Toni Koller (Head of Mobile Marketing Switzerland & Austria), Fabian Fehr (Head of Mobile Marcom Switzerland & Austria), Allan Haverman (Head of Mobile Marcom Switzerland). In charge at Sir Mary's: Florian Beck, Adrian Merz, Andi Portmann, Katrin Espelage, Constantin Camesasca, Martin Arnold, Luca Zurfluh, Julia Fischhaber, Tina Mons, Jacqueline Willimann, Alexia Siegwart, Timon Oberholzer, Nicolas Hostettler, Katharina Günther, Fabian Habisreutinger, Daniel Zuberbühler / Izzy, Noelia Berberat, Joung Gustav (Creators) / doity (Filmproduction), Lars Timmermann (Director), Pierre Castillo Bernad (DoP), Sascha Pollack (Executive Producer), Volker Hannwacker (Producer), Supercontinent (VFX), Lukas Kuehleitner (VFX Art Director), Jonas Baumgärtel (Editor), Nils Baumgärtel (Music), Moritz Staub (Sounddesign) / (landing page). Responsible at Starcom: Burcak Meitanis (Account Director), Jessica Jean-Richard (Senior Account Manager), Iona Jefferies (Digital Account Director).

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