Klar launches new internal "No Risk" safety campaign for SBB

The new Klar für Marken awareness campaign is designed to help promote SBB's safety and quality culture and reduce negative incidents.

SBBThe "No Risk" campaign is a daily reminder not to take risks. Employees themselves are the protagonists and show how they avoid risks and tell of their experiences in everyday working life.

Many measures for more safety

A film featuring SBB CEO Vincent Ducrot was produced for the campaign launch. Various digital and analogue measures ensure a high presence on the intranet and at SBB locations throughout Switzerland. The implementation always refers to the relevant occupational groups on site. A "No Risk App" was developed to actively involve employees in the campaign. It allows employees to post No Risk messages from their own area of work.

Responsible at SBB: Remo Kurt (Campaign Manager), Heidrun Buttler (Head of Safety and Production Quality). Responsible for KlarPeter Trüb (text/concept), Lionel Büttner (art direction), Christian Dietrich (strategy). Film Production: Prodigious Zurich.

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