Comet for Visana and SLRG: Tiktok is the new tactic

Every year, many teenagers drown in Swiss waters. That's why Komet's "Save your friends" prevention campaign for Visana and SLRG is relying fully on the Tiktok platform, which is popular with this target group, this swimming season.

The joint prevention campaign "Save your friends" by Visana and the Swiss Lifesaving Society (SLRG) is now entering its third year, and with it the collaboration between Komet and Maybaum Film.

After 2019 on deliberately shocking video ads and 2020 on celebrities such as "Mister Corona" and the two Visana ambassadors Mujinga Kambundji and Christian Stucki was set, this year's campaign aims to surprise with an approach to Tiktok that is as precise to the target group as it is appropriate to the media. "To make the five clips produced look as fresh and dynamic as the platform itself, we had to ignore all the rules of linear film," says Laurent Ulrich of Maybaum Film.

This creative approach is also emphasized by Komet CD Jeff Gerber: "On Tiktok, we have to communicate the SLRG's swimming rules in a completely different way than before. The clips here live from the music, the sound and graphic design, the filters and special effects... and of course the miming talent of our actresses." This includes youth idol Mujinga and her sister Ditaji, who gladly accepted the little challenge and easily passed it.

Responsible at Visana: David Müller (Head of Corporate Communications), Melanie von Arx (Co-Campaign Manager "Save Your Friends"), Simon Stettler (Co-Campaign Manager "Save Your Friends"). Responsible at SLRG: Philipp Binaghi (Head of Communication and Marketing). Responsible at Komet: Jeff Gerber (CD/Text), Claudio Parente (AD/Graphics), Melanie Schlunegger (DTP), Corinne Hert (Client Service Director), Sascha Schilt (Consulting). Responsible at Maybaum Film: Laurent Ulrich (producer and co-director), Janic Eberhard (director), Nik Reigel (camera and editing), Remo Wyss (visual design, animation and sound design). Media agency: Attackera.


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