Madonna: Consolation is followed by Vita-Hexin

For the promotion of the Vita-Hexin wound ointment, the Zurich agency Madonna focuses on the parent-child relationship and shows what the second important step after first aid is.

Vita-Hexin is a wound ointment that speeds up the healing of minor wounds and can prevent or fight minor infections. As part of the current campaign for the wound ointment, Madonna has developed various measures. The campaign focuses on comforting the mother or father in the event of an accident, followed by the application of Vita-Hexin. With this sequence, the Vitahexin campaign focuses on the parent-child relationship and is intended to create closeness and sympathy in the process.

Responsible at Streuli Pharma: Jürg Vogel (Sales Manager), Nadja Lilienfeld (Project Manager Marketing). Responsible at Madonna: Massimiliano Madonna (Strategy/Consulting), Sigi Simader (Art Direction), Urs Zwyssig (Text). Photography: Hans Schürmann. Media Agency: JBW Media.

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