Farner brings all-round protection from TCS to life with stories

The current TCS campaign by Farner shows what the mobility club has to offer to make its members more carefree on the road.

The Touring Club Switzerland TCS offers its members advice, protection and assistance from a single source. Whether they are travelling by car, bike or public transport. The TCS actively looks after its members: here in Switzerland and abroad.

The current club campaign, developed by TCS together with Farner Consulting, picks up on this. The campaign, which went live last week, builds on the tried and tested slogan "Even at.... TCS helps", but has been strategically developed along three axes.

Moving storytelling

The campaign shows the eventful life of families in full range. The fun of being on the road, but also how quickly this can turn into worry and damage when Murphy's Law strikes. With several short videos, which tell stories from the eventful life, the aim is to convey in a simple and emotional way how TCS helps, advises and protects in the most varied situations. The stories function both as short films and as poster and still implementations.

New Look & Feel

To make this kind of storytelling possible, a new look and feel was developed. In close collaboration between TCS, Farner and animation designer Neil Stubbings, the Turrini family was brought to life.

End-to-end customer journey experience

New formats and assets were developed for the campaign along the entire customer journey, so that the "journey" to TCS membership also becomes a more coherent experience for the addressed TCS target groups through the entire campaign journey: from posters to bumper, story & testimonial ads to several landing pages and behavior design optimized conversion ads.


Responsible at TCS: Dierk Schehrer (Head of Marketing Communication), Alain Götschi (Marketing Project Manager), Matthias Kienast (Online Marketing Manager SEM/Data). Responsible at Farner: Daniel Jörg (Practice Head Marketing Communications), Philipp Skrabal (Chief Creative Officer), Hanja Heuss (Creative Director), Jonas Brändli (Senior Consultant), Nicolas Glauser (Senior Consultant & Head of Performance Marketing), Aleksandar Sofranac (Senior Art Director), Ennio Cadau (Senior Copywriter), Nadja Gysin (Senior Consultant), Lukas Günter (Associate Consultant Content Marketing), Tjabrina Penazzi (Polygrafin), Daphne Abderhalen (Motion Designer). Other partners: Neil Stubbings (direction, design, animation), Netzeffekt (conception, design and implementation of the landing pages), Jingle Jungle Tonstudios (music and sound design), Ansichtssache (litho).

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