TBWA\Zurich and Davos Klosters are view champions

Under the motto "Aussicht gut. All is well", the new tourism summer campaign starts this week, in which TBWA\Zurich and TBWA\Vido position the destination Davos Klosters as the view champion with a wink.

Anyone who has seen the picturesque landscapes in Graubünden with their own eyes will understand how true the new campaign statement is: as soon as you catch sight of the beauty of the region, everything else is forgotten. It doesn't matter whether you're hiking or spending your holiday doing one of the many other sporting activities.

Two 25-second spots are designed to convey this message in an entertaining way. The films will be accompanied by banners, social media measures and DOOH in the major railway stations in German-speaking Switzerland.

The campaign "Aussicht gut. Alles gut." is already the second campaign of TBWA\ after Gocamping.ch, which was realized with the in-house production TBWA\Vido. (Werbewoche.ch reported).

Responsible at Davos Destinations Organisation: Roger Manser (Head of Marketing & Sales), Samuel Rosenast (Head of Communications & Content), Remy Horn (Product Manager). Responsible at TBWA\Zurich: Manuel Wenzel, Angelo Sciullo, Monelle Aimée Kanza, Alina Biedermann (creation), Nadja Stickl, Sabrina Rodel (consulting). Responsible at TBWA\ViDo: Pierre Copsey (Director), Domenico Catena (Cinematographer). Partners: Sebahat Derdiyok (Executive Producer).

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