Ruf Lanz remains on the ball for VBZ during the European Championship

As part of the European Football Championship currently underway, the Zurich Transport Authority VBZ and its lead agency Ruf Lanz are showing football fans how to get home safely even after a few drinks.

After its strong performance against Turkey, the Swiss national football team has every reason to hope for a place in the last 16 of the European Championship. And many fans of other nations are also in football fever and are supporting their teams in garden restaurants with a cool beer or drink or two.

The VBZ and Ruf Lanz have taken up this challenge. The current VBZ motif shows football fans with a winking double meaning: "We won't take your ticket away even after one too many drinks." A crystal-clear invitation to change trains. And at the same time a contribution against drunk driving.

The current VBZ motif can now be seen on full-page advertisements as well as on VBZ's social channels.

Responsible at VBZ: Silvia Behofsits (Head of Corporate Communications), Florence Craman (Project Manager Corporate Communications). Responsible at Ruf Lanz: Markus Ruf (Creative Direction), Mario Moosbrugger (Art Direction), Markus Ruf (Text), Armin Arnold (Desktop Publishing), Miro Poffa (Consulting).

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