Jung von Matt Limmat for Mobilar: "Treat yourself to more".

To draw attention to Mobiliar's youth program, Jung von Matt Limmat created a digital campaign of 3D gifs. And it appeals not only to young people, but also to their parents.

With the digitally controlled campaign "Gönn dir mehr" (Treat yourself more), Mobiliar promotes its extensive youth program. In addition to the benefits, Mobiliar also offers attractive partner benefits and savings opportunities that allow young people to simply allow themselves more freedom. This is exactly what the subjects and the campaign message are supposed to show: It's time again for more life and fewer worries. For young people, that means fun, adventure and carefree moments. The display ads were given a striking effect: repetitive movements in a loop and three-dimensionality. They pick up light-hearted situations from life and celebrate them.

Where the young cavort

With advertising channels such as TikTok and Tinder, the campaign's media mix is strongly geared to the zeitgeist of young people. In addition to additional placements on the major social media channels, advertising is also carried out on comparison portals in the home and car sectors. A dedicated landing page within the Mobiliar website provides detailed information on the youth program and, if required, leads further to the corresponding Mobiliar services for everyone up to 26 years of age.

Parents also addressed

The youth program is designed to appeal not only to young people but also to parents. After all, when it comes to choosing insurance, young people often take their cue from mom or dad. And parents of 18- to 26-year-olds probably feel a little more reassured if they know that their offspring's shared apartment or car is well insured. Using the same visuals, but with quotes from the young people as the headline, parents are reminded in a witty way that their children still have some fluff in their heads and that it is always worthwhile to rely on a reliable partner when it comes to insurance.

Responsible at Mobiliar: Yves Custer (Marketing Communications Manager), Caroline Bleuer (Digital Campaign Manager), Stéphane Dousse (Social Media Manager). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Regine Cavicchioli (Art Direction), Ian Musgrove (Graphic Design), Cla Campell (Text), Fiona Wishart, Adrian Haut, (Consulting), Anne Lang, Florence Scherrer (Strategy), Annette Häcki (Executive Creative Direction), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt Services: Pepe Kägi, Fabrizio Rutishauser, Lisa Moser (media realization). External partners: Sabina Bösch (photographer), René Hauser (production), Janine Nussbaumer, Anna Perez (Mediaschneider).

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