Ginesta Real Estate feels at home with Spikelands

This early summer, Ginesta Immobilien launched a national campaign for the first time. Spikelands was responsible for the concept, creation and implementation of all communication measures and created a central hub for the campaign with the landing page

"First and foremost, we are all about emotions: those of the seller and those of the buyer. That's exactly what our campaign shows," explains Christina Maron, marketing manager at real estate broker Ginesta Immobilien. "For us, the focus is on people. All our work is aimed at satisfaction: getting the best price for your property ultimately shows appreciation towards a property."

This passion, the unrivalled experience and the customer-centric approach of Ginesta Immobilien were then also the foundation for the campaign for Spikelands: Whoever puts people at the centre must know their demands, needs and wishes. The campaign, which was born out of this understanding, shows people who are thinking about selling their property, their house, their home. What do these people expect from the real estate agent they trust?

Based on the client briefing, various market analyses as well as various discussions with homeowners and potential clients of Ginesta Immobilien, Spikelands has developed a concept that combines expertise and client understanding.

Regionally used and displayed F12 posters, online banners, advertisements and various other advertising media focus on customer wishes and benefits. The call-to-action via is intended to facilitate the first step towards a successful property sale in an uncomplicated and immediate manner with the free initial valuation.

Responsible at Ginesta Real Estate: Christina Maron (COO and Marketing Manager). Responsible at Spikelands: Patrik Leuenberger (Project and Consulting Manager), Marcel Elsener (Concept & Text), Nadine Ackermann, Frederic Keller (Art Direction).

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