Rebel Communication shows Biovision the way out of hunger and poverty

The Zurich agency Rebel Communication has developed an image campaign for the development organisation and winner of the Alternative Nobel Prize Biovision.

Rebel Communication zeigt für Biovision den Ausweg aus Hunger und Armut

In Africa, over 250 million people suffer from hunger and poverty. For over 20 years, the Biovision Foundation has been committed to sustainably improving living conditions on the ground. By promoting and communicating ecological farming methods, the organisation enables smallholder families to find a way out of hunger and poverty.

Rebel Communication has put Biovision's central aid effort in the limelight in a striking way. The powerful advertisement is intended to make clear the hopeful prospects that organic farming opens up for small farming families.

The campaign is intended to increase awareness of Biovision and the volume of donations to the organisation in the long term. The current advertisement is the first in a series, with further subjects to follow.

Responsible at Biovision Foundation: Ueli Würmli (Head of Communications and Fundraising), Marcel Anderegg (Fundraising). Responsible at Rebel Communication: Kris Goricanec (overall responsibility), Guido Huwiler (text / concept), Wanda Michel (art direction / concept), Christian Scherer (visualisation).

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