Farner Consulting for Hirslanden: Interplay of all disciplines

Professions in the healthcare sector are enriching. Especially when teams - like at Hirslanden - work hand in hand. That's exactly what Farner's new employer branding campaign focuses on.

The pandemic at the latest has shown how central it is for employers in the healthcare sector to be able to offer attractive jobs and working conditions. Hirslanden has been relying on interdisciplinary teams for years. Because here we are convinced that enjoyment at work arises where experts can work beyond their disciplines and achieve something special.

In its new employer branding campaign, Farner brings together professions from different disciplines in common motifs. Two halves of the image form a whole. And in this way, they not only highlight the combined efforts for the benefit of patients. The campaign also makes it clear that employees can play a more important role here. In addition, messages such as "Learning together. Growing together" also highlight the opportunities for further training and promotion at Hirslanden.

"With this campaign, we want to attract new talent. But it is also a thank-you to all employees who do great work for our patients," explains Markus R. Bechtiger, CHRO of Hirslanden. The campaign will be played out with short films and stills both digitally and in print and on posters. Employee stories on the employer branding landing page complete the appearance, which has already triggered strong reactions and proud selfies of Hirslanden employees in front of the billboards in the first week.

Responsible at Hirslanden: Markus R. Bechtiger, Esther Senecky, Luise Schatt, Samuel Seifert. Responsible at Farner: Philipp Skrabal (CCO), Bruce Roberts (CD Art), Martin Fuchs (CD Text), Mathias Kröbl (AD), Tjabrina Penazzi (DTP), Nina Wick (Consulting), Lukas Güntert (Digital Campaign Strategy), Dominique Rohner (Digital Campaign Management). Photo and film production: Jonathan Heyer. Image processing: AschmannKlauser. Cut: Wolfgang Weigl.

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