Galaxus adapts the current TV campaign to the EM events

For the current TVC campaign, Galaxus dives into the world of football gods and goddesses. Gilbert Gress, Stéphane Chapuisat, Meriame Terchoun, Roman Kilchsperger (DE) and Laurent Bastardoz (FR) accompany football fans during the commercial breaks of the European Championship matches. The campaign kicked off for the opening match on Friday.

Galaxus produced over 30 spots in German and a good 20 in French for the football highlight of the year. The spots will be adapted to the current match events. Some commercials will only be shown once on TV, others several times - depending on the course of the tournament.

Galaxus is thus breaking new ground in advertising: instead of the usual repetition, the largest online department store is relying on varied advertising placements with rarity value. But when it comes to humour, the online retailer remains true to itself. The protagonists are never quite sure whether they are still in the commercial break or already on air, which makes for unusual moments of irritation and funny-absurd situations.

Galaxus publishes the clips parallel to the TV broadcast on an ongoing basis on its YouTube channel. The campaign will run until the European Championship final on 11 July 2021.








Responsible at Digitec Galaxus: Martin Walthert (CMO), Flurin Spring (Creative Director), Ursina Grimm (Head of Brand Management) Julia Dürr (Project Management & Brand Management), Julian Stauffer (Art Direction), Luca Giugliano (Media Planning), Anne Chapuis (Translation). Responsible at Plan B Film (film and photo production): Chris Niemeyer (script & direction), HC Vogel (producer), Niels Vije (producer), Roland Schmid (chief camera), NEP Switzerland (studio cameras), Natalina Zainal (set design), Pascale Suter (styling), Helve Leal (hair & make-up). Gion-Reto Killias & Christoph Menzi (Editing), Pablo Kirschke (Motion Design, TV-Studio), Patrischa Freuler & Frederik Bauer (Motion Design, Price-Tags), Adriel Pfister (Colorgrading), JingleJungle , Christoph Benz (Audio Mixing).

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