Wirz makes football legend Bregy kick for Migros

Georges Bregy is to Switzerland what David Beckham is to England and Cristiano Ronaldo to Portugal: a free kick god. For Migros - and just in time for the 2021 European Championship - Bregy will repeat his historic dream free kick from the opening game against the USA in 1994.

Georges Bregy, now 63, makes a grand appearance in the Migros European Championship commercial.

This year's motto of the Migros summer campaign, "Get out and about," does not stop at the soccer summer. In the moving image spot created by Wirz, the protagonists don't miss the chance to do some sport in the countryside and arrange to play a game together. The fact that the supposedly weaker team makes the most of its "age bonus" comes as a big surprise. Georges Bregy, now 63, who scored Switzerland's first World Cup goal in 28 years at the 1994 World Cup in the USA with his dream free kick, makes an appearance.

The spot around this year's European Championship will be live from June 11. Migros is offering a special offer on its Summer Hub further inspiration on the subject of football: ball games for the whole family, ideas for a football aperitif and many offers and products more.

Responsible at the Federation of Migros Cooperatives: Desirée Strassmann, Michel Noverraz (Campaigning); Simone Blaser (Media); Marta Mielcarek, Céline Jagisch, Sabrina Wynistorf (Sales Promotions). Responsible at Wirz: Alain Eicher, Matthias Fürst, Florian Siegrist, Adrian Busse, Hannah Mey (Creation); Erasmo Palomba, Ruwanie Hayoz (Agency Producing); Catrin Bewersdorff, Valeria Vuckovic (Consulting). Stories AG (film production); Cosima Frei (direction); André Guadagno (director of photography); Florian Nussbaumer (executive producer); Chenyi Yu (production coordinator); Ursina Schmid, Pascale Suter (styling); Cécile Welter (editing); Jingle Jungle AG (sound recording).


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