Kreisvier gives holiday training for Basel Tourism

Local collaboration: Basel agency Kreisvier has developed a new corporate identity for Basel Tourism - giving the hometown a fresh look.

With immediate effect, Basel Tourism is appearing under the word and image brand "This is Basel". The overall appearance is younger, fresher and more colourful. An image film for international use, the new website, various print media, guest brochures, image brochures and all the stationery have already been implemented in the new look.

A national campaign was launched just in time for the foreseeable end of the travel ban. The starting signal was a new job offer from Basel Tourism: with a certain wink of the eye, a test tourist was sought to put Basel's tourist attractions through their paces.

The campaign is now entering its second phase under the motto "Basel macht dich ferienfit wieder". Switzerland's capital of art and culture offers numerous opportunities to brush up on any holiday skills you may have lost during the long break - so that the "big holidays" don't go down the drain.

Responsible at Basel Tourismus: Christoph Bosshardt (Head of Marketing), Vera Flückiger (Marketing & Communications), Melanie Kolofrat (Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Kreisvier: Consulting: Alexandra Kellenberger (Managing Director), Tamara Döbeli (Group Account Director), Bigna Bornhauser (Account Manager), Joel Kettl (Account Manager). Creation: Michael Schmidt (Creative Director), Ann-Kathrin Vogel, Amaru Eslava (Art Direction), Bianca Kury, Carmen Stähelin (Text), Joel Wächter, Jessica Wernli (Interaction Design), Jacqueline Geist, Simon Näf (DTP). Responsible at Cover Media: Stefan Sommerhalder (Production Management, Director), Baschi Thommen (Camera, Sound Design), Roman Schnell (Motion Design).

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