Home Zurich and Bank Cler celebrate more money at the end of the month on TikTok

Bank Cler and its lead agency Heimat Zürich worked with four influencers to create a TikTok campaign for the mobile banking app Zak.

TikTok-Kampagne für die Mobile Banking App Zak kreiert

Zak is Bank Cler's mobile banking app, which is specifically aimed at young people aged 15 and over. In order to reach this target group via a channel that is appropriate for them, Heimat Zürich created a concept for TikTok and implemented it together with Nutshell, Picstars and four Swiss influencers.

In April of this year, Pemp Pemp TV, Lana Bante and Chiara Castelli showed their followers what their month-end used to look like compared to today with the Zak app. The videos and reached a total of over 5.2 million impressions, 2.96 million reach and 51,460 engagements. Boosted Ads on Bank Cler's channel reached 1.36 million accounts. TikToks were watched for an average of 4.6 seconds, well above the Swiss benchmark of 1.99 to 3.26 seconds. In addition, according to Heimat Zürich, more traffic was generated on the Zak landing page than ever before in one day.

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