Thjnk Zurich for Credit Suisse: Banking as easy as football

Credit Suisse and the agency Thjnk Zurich present the continuation of the CSX campaign for the start of the European Football Championship.

In the fall of 2020, Thjnk Zurich and Credit Suisse launched the new digital banking service "CSX" with the "Call of Customers" campaign, with which all banking transactions are carried out via app. Now Credit Suisse is going into the next round, using its long-standing football commitment as a stage. The "Call of Customers" has become the "Call of Footballers".

In its new campaign, Credit Suisse once again lets the target group have its say. This time, it's footballers who are asking the bank challenging questions such as: Can't banking be simpler? Just like football. Credit Suisse's answer to this is: "Of course it can." This answer, and at the same time this attitude, remains the focus of the campaign throughout all advertising material.

The new film "Call of Footballers" is at the heart of the 360-degree campaign. Here, the target group has its say in various vignettes. Former national players Gelson Fernandes and Stephan Lichtsteiner are also featured. In addition, various short online formats with amateur footballers and current national team players were created around the various product benefits.

The campaign can be seen online and at POS since the beginning of June. A prominent TV flight with two different 20-second versions of the film will run during the European Championship from mid-June to mid-July. This is flanked by print and various digital and social advertising media segmented by target groups and driven by data.

In addition to its long-standing partnership with the SFV, Credit Suisse will also be the title sponsor of the Super League from July, meaning that the campaign on digital channels will be extended after the European Championship.




In addition to the campaign with Thjnk, Credit Suisse is presenting the "Swiss Football AR Lense" on Snapchat, an augmented reality experience that allows football fans to virtually meet the stars of the Swiss national team and digitally capture the moment - as a reminder of what was probably the most extraordinary European Championship to date. And with a zoom background video, you can now also show your colours in the home office. The video can be downloaded directly from Credit Suisse is the initiator of these ideas, which were produced by Filmgerberei.


Responsible at Credit Suisse: Roman Reichelt (Chief Marketing Officer); Dang Nguyen (Global Head Strategy, Branding & Advertising); Sandra Caviezel (Global Head Sponsorships & Partnerships); Thierry Pool (Global Head Digital & Data); David Schätti (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising CH); Sabrina Mock-Marty (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Digital Banking); Kendra Ueberholz (Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Digital Banking, Project Management); Marisa Piffari, Isabelle Reiser (Marketing Initiatives & Advertising Digital Banking); Simon Bietenhader (Digital Campaigns); Michael Rütti (Football Sponsorship); Reimund Immoos (Head Global Media & Cross Channel); Tanja Klotz, Kristel Gschwend (Media & Cross Channel). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy, Pablo Schencke (Creative Director); Lukas Amgwerd (Text); Lukas Frischknecht, Leandro Disler (Art Direction), Gianluca Spezzacatena (Graphics), Michael Rottmann (Creative Direction); Andrea Bison (Consulting); Anna Magnaguagno, Marie Vuilleumier, Nino Zuberbühler (Consulting); Gordon Nemitz (Strategy). External partners: Pumpkin Film: Martin Werner, Kasper Wedendahl (director); Jan Mettler (cinematographer); Per Kasch (photographer); Stefanie Brand (producer); Claudia Brand (post-production producer); Nicolaj Monberg (editor), Jonas Krag (composer); Ballad (sound design); Jingle Jungle (recording studio); BaconX (grading/VFX); Südlich-t (online); Media: MediaCom, Webrepublic, Swiss Online Publishing; Ardawan Okhovat, Siyanna Ahmadu (Snapchat); Headraft; Filmgerberei: Alun Meyerhans (director); Andi Widmer (camera); Pamela Polanco & Flavio Gerber (production).

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