Jung von Matt Limmat: Favourite sport meets favourite snack

During the European Football Championship Zweifel is also accompanying the Swiss* with snacks for nerve-racking hours and is showing in a TVC and online campaign by Jung von Matt Limmat how much crisps and football have in common.

Making chips is something for experts. Just like playing football at European Championship level. That's why the Zweifel chip factory also needs match reviews at half-time, video evidence and summaries after successful games. The current campaign by chip manufacturer Zweifel shows exactly how this works.

Focus, focus, focus

"First Kezz, then Provençale and then Paprika" - with full focus, the chip expert explains to his team what today's match line-up should look like. Not much different than during a football match. And the two other spots, which will run throughout Switzerland from Friday onwards around the European Championship matches on TV and online TV, are also intended to prove: Switzerland's favourite team sport and Zweifel snacks have more in common than you might think.

Orange fire, green production

The production of the spots was done with Who's Mcqueen Picture and according to the guidelines "Greenproduction" of the Swissfilm Assocation. "Greenproduction" supports filmmakers in producing in a climate-friendly way. One of the objectives was to keep the shoot with the chip experts completely climate-neutral. Due to Covid restrictions, the goal was not fully achieved, but: "The entire crew gained valuable experience for future shoots and we were all made particularly aware of the topic once again," says Annette Häcki, Executive Creative Director of Jung von Matt Limmat.


Responsible in case of doubt: Gina Chiellino (Marketing Coordinator), Marina Domazet (Digital Media & Content Manager), Pia Gaube (Media & Project Manager), Marc Brändli (Digital Marketing Manager), Philip Honegger (Head of Marketing & Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt Limmat: Cla Campell (Text), Luca Schneider (Art Direction), Ian Musgrove (Graphic Design), Florence Scherer, Anne Muhl (Strategy), Melissa Diday, Marcel Walzl (Project Management), Annette Häcki (Executive Creative Director), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer). Responsible at Jung von Matt Services: Pepe Kägi, Lisa Moser (media realisation). Responsible for Mediaschneider: Janine Nussbaumer (Client Service Director), Anna Perez (Senior Consultant). Responsible for TW Media: Christoph Welti (Media Director), Loredana Preite (Media Planner). Responsible for Who's Mcqueen Picture: Kay Kienzler (Director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Clemens Petersson (EP), Karl Sigudarson (Line Producer), Adrian Weber, Kevin Vogel (Post Supervisor). Production: BLOOP. Sound & Music (Voice Recording & Mix), Stefan King (Color Grading), Mirjam Kluka (Photography), Katrin Lohman/Visualeyes International (Photo Production).

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